Design has Gone to the Dogs!

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Hello and welcome to the Neely Design Associates blog!

Here we will explore new ideas, unique concepts, and what’s going on in the OKC metro design community.

Oklahoma Designer Show House September is here, and there is a happy buzz at the Neely office. It’s Show House time! We are so excited to showcase our home theater, featuring custom artwork, clever acoustic solutions, and a nine-piece sectional that you will never want to leave! We have been working on our room in the Oklahoma Designer Show House for over three months, and the doors are now open to the public!

Patrons will be able to tour the house on September 9th-11th, and 16th-18th. Ten separate design firms have taken over a brand new house in Edmond, built by Steve McLean of Coldwater Creek Homes, and offered by Wyatt Poindexter of Keller Williams. Each room is a reflection of the very best of the best in the metro. Tickets are $10 at Designer’s Market and $15 dollars at the door.  Also, everything in the home is for sale. Proceeds from this event will benefit Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, Oklahoma’s largest no-kill to live

Neely Design AssociatesOf course we can’t talk about pets without some designer aspects! Stacey Cole, Interior Designer and dog-lover, provides practical solutions for you and your furry friend.

Good pet design to me, means taking something that is functional and necessary for a pet and turning it into something that is also aesthetically pleasing. I also like when I am able to actually incorporate functional pet things into my design. offers a plethora of ideas for stylish and practical accoutrements for your four-legged family members.


Keep those dog bowls off the floor and out of the way to avoid spills. How cute are those dog bone cut outs in the drawers

Ever thought of a dog washing station for those times when your pet gets super messy? Sometimes it’s hard to wrangle the fur ball in a tub, but look at this elevated bathing surface to help you clean them up! 

Pet friendly fabrics that we recommend for furniture/bedding usually involve something that has either been solution dyed and can be cleaned with a bleach/water mixture or a fabric that has been manufactured with Crypton (see below), keeping the spills or messes from soaking into the fabric. Crypton is often used in commercial buildings or hospitals because of its clean-ability and durability.

Crypton 3Nanotex 3

Definition for Crypton: Crypton is a manufacturing process, not a finish. It is a way a fabric is made, from the very extrusion that offers PERMANENT, not applied, stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant protection. It is the perfect product for any application: where moisture and heavy soiling is an issue.

Fabrics can also be protected with Nanotex. While Crypton is built directly into the fiber, Nanotex is a topical treatment.  Many fabric vendors can add this application before shipping the fabric.

Here at Neely Design, we know that pets and design can go hand and paw. Animals bring us joy and comfort and we hope that the Oklahoma Designer Show House will return some of that love to the adoptable cats and dogs at Free to Live. Come out and see us!

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