Planning a Place for Baby with Stacey Cole

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Stacey cole

The best thing about being an interior designer is helping people enrich the place they call home. Nothing is more gratifying than a happy client enjoying their new space with a big smile on their face! -Stacey Cole

Stacey Cole is a fun, sweet person that you automatically feel at home with. Her talents come to life in the inviting rooms she designs. Neely Design Associates has utilized her expertise for 8 years and she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fabrics and colors.

Stacey ColeNot only is she a powerhouse in the office, but she is the mom of an adorable 1 year old baby boy. Designing a space for her son was a high point of her pregnancy and she was kind enough to share the process with us!

1. Pick a theme and color scheme.Stacey Cole

My theme wasn’t character specific but more generic, reflecting items to me that said little boy, such as adventure and cute animals. I started with selecting the colors I wanted and how I saw them working in the room. I landed on a multi-color stripe band around the room, orange walls, and a blue ceiling. Next I began to gather a few key artwork pieces to create a gallery wall that fit the “theme” and colors. I bought items locally, online, and made some elements as well.

2. Select the furnitureStacey Cole

Still trying to keep with the colors of the room I selected a gray crib, a navy glider chair and a dresser. The dresser came solid white but I didn’t feel like that gave a balanced color to the room so I added some flair to it by painting the drawers gray and adding some fun hardware!

Stacey Cole3. Finish with fabric

The finishing touches for me came with selecting the curtains and the bedding fabric. This part always softens the room up and gives it the finishing touches.Stacey Cole

Have you always wanted to be an interior designer?

I have wanted to be an interior designer as long as I can remember. My grandma built a dollhouse for me when I was growing up and I would decorate and rearrange the furniture in it. I knew for sure I wanted to be one when I took an interior design class in high school and loved every minute of it!

First project?

When I studied at Oklahoma Christian University, my friend Heidi and I re-did an OCU faculty member’s office on campus while we were still in school. It was a simple re-do but it was fun to get our feet wet in the industry!

Favorite Designer?

Not to sound cheesy but I would probably say Travis Neely is who I admire most. I’ve worked alongside him for the last 8 years, and have had a first-hand look at how he strives with every client and project to push the envelope. He stews over each design to make sure it is the best possible solution. He is super creative and while I think some of his ideas are pretty wacky at times, I only hope to be seen as someone who is as creative and brilliant as he is by the time I have been in the industry that long.

What room is your favorite to design?

Hmm… that’s a hard one. I would probably say the living room. I like that it has a whole slew of design elements combined. Furniture, accessories, artwork, wall finishes, window treatments, floor selection, etc… There are just so many elements that go into making up a complete living room design. Of course there is the powder bath room that is always fun too. It’s the one room in the house that people aren’t afraid to be a little over the top! Bedrooms are great too! Like I said, it’s hard to choose.

Stacey ColeFavorite artist?

My favorite artist is the late Rex Ray. Several years ago for my birthday my husband asked me to pick out one of his pieces while we were in New York. It is my favorite piece!

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